About Me

Hey there, I’m Wani! Currently located in North Malaysia, I’m all about capturing moments, exploring, and digging into interesting subjects. Photography, research, food, and adventure are what light up my world.

With my camera in hand, I’m all about freezing time and sharing those precious memories with everyone. Researching is my thing too – I enjoy diving into fresh topics and then sharing what I uncover. Speaking of sharing, food is a huge passion of mine. From trying out novel dishes to savoring global cuisines, I’m all in.

Venturing beyond my comfort zone is a mantra I live by. It’s amazing how much broader my knowledge becomes and how much richer life’s tapestry becomes when I try new things. I’m excited about exchanging ideas, info, and know-how to inspire others, just as I’ve been inspired.

You’ll often find me on Instagram, where I’m quite active. Catch me at @sweetpearl24. I’m eager to connect with you and can’t wait to share experiences!